Men's Leather Quilted Car Coat


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Quilted Coats for Men

If you are looking for a highly classic look, this quilted car coat is the best among anything. Quilted coats are great for everyday wear and are perfect for a special occasions. You will be able to get them in various different styles at Mendhro. Our jackets are made from 100% genuine leather and feature a unique style statement. The material keeps a promise of keeping you warm no matter what the temperature is outside. Hence, it is a versatile material with a durable outlook.

This jacket will last you a great time due to its unfailing leather fabric. It’s available in different sizing options along with a size chart to let you choose your best fit. 

Handmade Quality Men's Quilted Coats

Fashion is subjective and men are always looking for appealing looks, which is where this quilted coat comes into play. You can choose from wide range of options we have, be sure to check out exclusive aviator jackets. We have all colors, in light and dark shades as well as viscous lining. You will be greeted with numerous designs as well to pick from.

The element that makes quilted bomber jackets stand out, even more, is the texture that is given. Unlike other jackets that have a smooth plain texture, this one has more fluffiness to give you more comfort and enable comfortable wear. 

It comes with roomy pockets to keep your hands warm as well as big buttons that you can button up from the front. Some of our quilted jackets have a fancy look on the collar since we added fur. Pair it up with vintage-style denim pants or cotton trousers to help elevate the look of this quilted biker jacket. Regardless of how cold the weather is, it gives you the right protection against harsh winters and cold breezes. 


Is a quilted men's jacket waterproof?

YES, our leather quilted jackets are completely waterproof, and it helps from water damage while providing protection against cold weather and rain.

Are quilted jackets warm enough for winter?

YES, Quilted jackets will always keep you warm during the winter since it has insulating material and gives you warmth in every cold season. 

How do you care for a quilted coat?

You should always keep it in a safe place. It would be preferred to remove any dirt or stains with a cloth. Secondly, protect the coat from moisture by storing it in a dry area. Third, use a protective spray if you plan on wearing the coat outside.

How to clean a quilted jacket?

You can gently clean the coat with a brush and with some cold water with soap to clean the jacket thoroughly. Finally, dry the jacket off completely before storing it away.


Important Notes:


Material may vary from the pictures as every leather jacket is different and handmade

Please check your size on the size chart before purchasing

We have 21 days return policy.

You can return the jacket in 21 days.

Size Guide


XS 36-38 42 17.5
S 38-40 44 18


40-42 46 18.5


42-44 48 19


44-46 50 19.5


46-48 52 20


48-50 54 21.5


XS 34 28 35 14.25
S 36 30 37 15
M 38 32 39 15.5
L 41 34 41 16.25
XL 44 38 45 17
2XL 47 41 47 17.5
3XL 51 43 49 18

"Experience the Art of Crafted Confidence"

Our leather jackets aren't just about making a fashion statement - they're about making you feel so good, so comfortable, and so bold that your confidence naturally shines through. Crafted with careful attention to detail, these jackets provide an unmatched level of comfort that boosts your self-assuredness. Experience the art of crafted confidence and let your fearless spirit soar.

"Stand Above"

In a world where nearly 10 million leather jackets are sold each year, standing out is essential, with Mendhro each jacket we create is designed to make you feel safe and empowered, boosting your confidence while setting you apart from the crowd. With our dedication to quality, sustainability, and ethical sourcing, you'll wear your jacket with pride, knowing it's more than just a fashion statement.

Stand Above with us. Experience the crafted confidence that comes from wearing our uniquely designed leather jackets.

Our Super Power!

Each of our jackets is a testament to the meticulous handiwork of our professional artisans, exuding an aura of true luxury. Our secret lies in our choice of material - aniline leather, known globally as the epitome of fine leather. Not only does it look stunning, but it also offers a tactile experience that's second to none. But we don't stop there. We believe in perfection inside and out, and that's why we complement our jackets with high-grade viscous lining. It's the hallmark of our commitment to premium quality, ensuring our jackets are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. Discover the difference of our super-powered leather jackets, designed to deliver the best, feel the best, and be the best, just for you.