Our Beginning

Welcome to Mendhro, a term signifying 'Empowerment.' Our brand was created by Faizan Mendhro, whose deep love for leather jackets extends beyond style and comfort.

More than just stylish and comfortable garments, our jackets serve as catalysts for empowerment, enhancing the wearer's identity and confidence.

Our Vision

For our founder, Faizan, jackets have always been more than just clothing. He loved the feeling of his hands tucked into the pockets of a sturdy leather jacket, the sense of security and coziness it brought, and the extra space that always seemed to be there when he needed it. But his vision extended beyond this personal connection. He realized that every jacket has a story to tell, a character to portray - of the person wearing it, of the artisan creating it. This understanding, this connection, became the foundation of Mendhro.

Handmade Wonders

Our Craftsmanship

We specialize in handcrafted full-grain leather jackets. Each mark on our leather echoes the wearer's journey, making every Mendhro jacket as unique as its owner

Our Promise

When you choose Mendhro, you are choosing more than a jacket; you are embracing a part of your identity that is as distinct and unique as you are. With Mendhro, you are not just wearing a jacket, you are wearing a story. Your story.

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