Today's hot topic? Your beloved faux leather jacket. You might have thought, given its durability, this fashion statement can withstand anything. But here's the plot twist - faux leather requires some tender, loving care too.

Come with me and let's unravel the mystery behind keeping your faux leather jacket spotless, enhancing its longevity, and ensuring it continues to add that edgy vibe to your outfits. Here's my step-by-step guide on how to wash faux leather jacket without causing any fashion faux pass!

Understanding Faux Leather

understanding faux leather

Before we dive into the steps we need to get the basis sorted out first. For many who don't know faux leather, also known as synthetic leather, is a product made from plastic or vinyl that has been altered with color and texture to simulate the appearance of real leather.

Faux leather from vinyl: Vinyl-derived faux leather is more flexible yet less breathable, making it suitable for products other than clothing. This type of faux leather is similar to vinyl, but the vinyl used is combined with other plastic materials to achieve a more authentic leather-like appearance.

Faux leather from plastic: Clothing items are usually crafted with a type of faux leather known as polyurethane-based faux leather, also referred to as PU leather or pleather (an abbreviation for plastic leather). This material, which offers better breathability, is produced by covering a base fabric with a polymer substance and then processing it to resemble leather.

Why Special Care Is Needed for Faux Leather Jackets

The Material Makeup

Given that faux leather is a man-made material, it has unique properties that set it apart from genuine leather. The surface of faux leather is typically plastic, making it sensitive to certain chemicals and high temperatures.

Dangers of Deterioration

Improper washing methods applied to a faux leather jacket can trigger serious issues like cracking, peeling, or discoloration. In extreme cases, it can even modify the jacket's overall form or the feel of its texture.

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Preparation For Washing A Faux Leather Jacket

Before washing, inspect your jacket for specific stains or areas that need special attention. Checking the manufacturer’s label is also crucial. They might have provided specific washing instructions.

Step-by-Step Guide To Washing A Faux Leather Jacket

Here we will learn how to wash a faux leather jacket this can be done in 2 ways Hand-Washing and Machine-Washing. lets start from the hand washing method

Handwashing Method

Handwashing Method

  1. Prepare Your Cleaning Solution: Fill a basin or sink with lukewarm water and add a mild detergent. Opt for a detergent that is gentle on fabrics to avoid damaging the faux leather material. Stir the water to create a soapy solution.
  2. Prepare Your Cloth: Take a soft cloth, such as a microfiber cloth, and submerge it into the prepared soapy solution. The cloth should be saturated, but not overly wet, so it's important to wring out excess water. You want the cloth to be damp, not dripping.
  3. Clean Your Jacket: Gently wipe the surface of the jacket with the damp cloth. Pay particular attention to any stained or dirty areas. It's crucial to use gentle movements to avoid scratching or otherwise damaging the faux leather material.
  4. Rinse The Jacket: After you've wiped the entire surface of the jacket, rinse out the cloth with clean, lukewarm water. Make sure the cloth is rinsed thoroughly to avoid leaving soap residues on your jacket. Once rinsed, wring out excess water until it's just damp.
  5. Remove Soap Residue: Wipe down the jacket with the clean, damp cloth to remove any remaining soap residue. Be thorough and ensure you cover all the areas you previously cleaned with the soapy cloth.
  6. Dry The Jacket: Do not use a heat source or a dryer to dry the jacket as this can damage the faux leather. Instead, let the jacket air dry. Hang it in a well-ventilated area, away from direct sunlight and extreme heat. Ensure the jacket is completely dry before wearing or storing it to avoid mold and mildew formation.

Machine Washing Method

 machine washing method

Machine washing is not generally advised for faux leather jackets. The intense agitation during a machine wash can induce damage to the material. For optimal results, it's best to stick to hand washing. But there are situations where machine washing may be necessary. If you need to machine wash your faux leather jacket.

Here are the steps on how to wash faux fur jacket safely and effectively:

  1. Check The Label: Before anything else, check the care label on your faux leather jacket. Some faux leather jackets are not designed to withstand machine washing, and doing so could cause irreversible damage. If machine washing is not explicitly mentioned as safe on the label, consider hand washing or professional cleaning instead.
  2. Prepare The Jacket: Close all zippers, fasten all buttons and hooks, and turn the jacket inside out. This helps protect the jacket's exterior during the wash cycle.
  3. Use A Washing Bag: If you have one, place the jacket in a mesh washing bag. This can provide an additional layer of protection from the agitation of the washing machine.
  4. Set The Washing Machine: Set your washing machine to a delicate cycle and use cold water. This will provide the gentlest wash possible. Avoid using bleach or fabric softener as these can damage the faux leather.
  5. Choose the Right Detergent: Use a mild laundry detergent. Avoid detergents with bleach or brighteners as these can damage the jacket.
  6. Load the Washing Machine: Place the jacket in the washing machine by itself. Don't wash any other clothing in the washing machine, as this can cause the jacket to rub against other clothes, possibly damaging it.
  7. Start the Washing Cycle: Start the washing machine and let it run its course. Try not to interrupt the cycle once it's started.
  8. Dry the Jacket: Once the washing cycle is completed, remove the jacket from the machine immediately. Don't use a dryer as the heat can damage faux leather. Instead, hang it up to air dry in a well-ventilated area, away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

Maintenance Tips for a Faux Leather Jacket

Regularly condition your jacket with a product designed for faux leather. It keeps the material flexible and prevents cracking. Plus, try to avoid long exposures to sunlight as it can cause the color to fade.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid using harsh detergents or bleach, which can harm the jacket's texture. Also, never attempt to wring or twist your jacket to remove excess water. It may distort its shape.

Frequently Asked Questions About Washing a Faux Leather Jacket

Q: Should I use a leather conditioner on my faux leather jacket?

No, you should always use a conditioner that has been specifically formulated for faux leather.

Q: Can I iron my faux leather jacket?

Ironing is not recommended because the high heat can inflict damage on the material.

Q: Is it okay to hang my faux leather jacket out to dry?

Yes, but make sure not to hang it in direct sunlight or near a heat source.

Q: Why is machine washing my faux leather jacket discouraged?

Machine washing can lead to warping, cracking, or peeling of the jacket.

Q: Can I use regular soap to wash my faux leather jacket?

No, always use a mild soap to prevent causing damage to the material.

Q: How to wash faux fur jacket?

Gently hand wash faux fur jacket with mild soap, air dry flat for fluffy perfection


Taking proper care of your faux leather jacket is a simple yet crucial task that can significantly prolong its lifespan. By learning how to clean a faux leather jacket effectively, you can ensure it maintains its pristine appearance for many years.

With these easy-to-follow guidelines on how to clean a faux leather jacket, you'll be equipped to keep your garment looking as good as new for a long time to come.