Leather jackets are more than just outerwear. They are a style statement, an echo of a time-tested tradition of sophistication and daring. But like any other beloved item, a leather jacket can show signs of wear and tear over time.

If your jacket starts to appear dull, cracked, or scratched, don't fret. This guide will take you through a straightforward yet professional process to restore your leather biker jacket.


Gather Your Materials

Gather Your Materials

Before we delve into the restoration process, you'll need to assemble a few materials:

  • Soft Cloth
  • Mild Soap
  • Leather Conditioner
  • Leather Dye (optional)
  • Leather Repair Kit (optional)
  • Fine-grit Sandpaper (optional)


Step-by-Step Restoration Guide

Step-by-Step Restoration Guide

Step 1: Cleaning

Firstly, you need to ensure that your jacket is clean. Use a soft cloth with a little mild soap and water to gently clean off dirt and grime. Ensure the cloth is not soaking wet; it should be damp.

Wipe your jacket gently, focusing on the spots. Once done, allow it to air dry. Never put your leather jacket in a dryer as this can cause the leather to shrink and deform.

Also have a look at our leather jacket care guide to maintain your jacket all year round.

Step 2: Conditioning

The secret to a supple leather jacket is in conditioning. Leather conditioners not only rejuvenate the material, but they also protect it from future damage. To condition, apply a generous amount of conditioner to your bomber jacket with a clean cloth.

Work it into the leather in a circular motion. Once done, let the jacket sit and absorb the conditioner for at least 12 hours or overnight. It will restore its flexibility and shine.

Step 3: Final Conditioning

it's crucial to condition your jacket one more time. Repeat the process mentioned in step 2. This final conditioning will seal in the repair work and give your jacket a fresh, glossy look.

And voila! Your beloved leather jacket is now restored, reinvigorated, and ready to make a style statement again.

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How To Make Cracks And Scratches Disappear?

How To Make Cracks And Scratches Disappear?

With time, cracks and scratches can surface on your leather jacket, but don't worry, they're not as scary as they seem. Here are a few simple ways to handle these minor cosmetic issues and restore your jacket's smooth appearance:

Gently Rub Minor Scratches with Your Hand to Vanish Them

Small scratches on your leather jacket can often be treated with the simplest tool at your disposal: your hand. The warmth and natural oils of your hand can help smooth away minor surface scratches.

Rub the scratch gently in a circular motion and watch as it fades away. This trick works best on scratches that haven't pierced through the leather's surface.

Using a Hair Dryer to Heat and Rub Away Larger Scratches

Larger scratches call for more advanced tactics. One of these involves using a hairdryer. The heat from the hairdryer makes the leather more pliable and receptive to repair.

Hold the hairdryer about six inches away from the jacket and heat the scratched area, then quickly rub the scratch with your hand. The combination of heat and pressure can help reduce the appearance of the scratch.

Applying Leather Preservative As a Solution for Stubborn Scratches

Stubborn scratches that refuse to fade may require a leather preservative. This specially-formulated solution can seep into the cracks and restore leather jacket original texture and appearance.

Apply a small amount of preservative to the scratch, rub it in gently, and leave it to dry. Once it has absorbed into the leather, it can make the scratch virtually disappear.

Remember, these techniques work well for surface scratches and minor wear. Deep cuts or tears may require a leather repair kit, or the expertise of a professional leather worker.


Q1: How often should I condition my leather jacket?

Generally, conditioning your leather jacket twice a year is enough to maintain its health and shine. However, if you live in an area with harsh weather conditions or wear your jacket frequently, you may want to condition it every three months.

Q2: Can I wash my leather jacket in a washing machine?

No. Washing a leather jacket in a machine or with harsh detergent can cause the leather to shrink, warp, or become discolored. Always clean your leather items carefully using a mild soap and a soft cloth.

Q3: What type of soap should I use for cleaning?

Use a mild, dye-free, and fragrance-free soap for cleaning your leather jacket. Baby shampoo or dish soap works well for this purpose.

Q4: Is it necessary to use a leather dye?

Using a leather dye is not compulsory. It is only necessary if your jacket has lost its color or if you want to.

If you own a jacket check out our blog on how to style a brown leather jacket to improve your styling.

Q5. how much does it cost to restore a leather jacket?

The cost of DIY leather jacket restoration ranges from $20 to $100 for materials. Hiring a professional can cost between $100 to $300 or more, depending on the jacket's condition.


Restoring a leather jacket need not be daunting. With a few simple steps - cleaning, conditioning, repairing, and eliminating scratches - you can bring your cherished jacket back to life.

By taking care of your jacket and attending to minor wear and tear promptly, you'll ensure that your statement piece remains as enduring as the style it represents. I hope my guide on how to restore leather jacket can help you with your leather jacket restoration.